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Colourisation of old B/W photos, Why? Photography, Art, Artists & Colour since Prehistoric times.

  I come across a number of individuals that vehemently disagree with the concept of colourising old black and white photos. There argument always covers a limited number of well worn paths. This is the artistic perspective the photographer wished to encapsulate the tones and tints they framed in their photograph. Don't interfere with history and the way life was. How on Earth can you possibly know what colours there were represented in the original photo and why would you want to change history. Leave it. Stop coloring old photos.   I have encountered all these perspectives, but as an artist and colourist I have the following perspective and rebuttals. Since the dawn of time, from the very first moment...

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Port Adelaide Football Club 1914: The Invincibles-In COLOUR.

This amazing colourized Image of the 1914 Port Adelaide Football Club Team, was painstakingly produced by Peter Vasic as part of a Historic series. The ‘Invincibles’ as they became known, were the first ever team from one of Australia’s three equivalent major league competitions, the SAFL ( SANFL), the WAFL and the VFL (AFL) to have gone through the season undefeated.

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The Past in Colour - Bringing the past back to life: B/W to vivid colour.

Don't let anyone tell you that B & W photos are a snapshot of a bygone era that were intended by the artist or photographer, in essence this is far from the truth as nearly every person taking photographs in the bygone era wanted their loved ones and subjects captured in true natural colour. 

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