Remembering Loved Ones

Remembering our Loved Ones

Photo restoration, Photo Touch Up, Photo Colourisation: Conceptual Art, Design & Historic themed instals
Damaged photo, water marked photo, torn photo, creased photo, stained photo

Mick Purcell had this old Photo with his Grandmother and Grandfather at the Summit Restaurant in Sydney 1970: It was in awful condition, torn, stained, creased and pen marked.

Imagine Mick's surprise when he saw the photo restored AND colourised, the same as the day he spent with his beloved Nan and Pop in 1970. The reward in bringing back the "Life" to old memories that have faded into a Grey scale memory is a wonderful part of what I do.

Restored Black and White Photo

The image is restored in my studio it involves, colour balancing, scratch and dust clean up, tear repair, repair of creases and can involve the artistic reproduction of missing sections or parts of the image. Once completed Colourisation can begin.

Colourisation is based on a number of parameters: Era, Year, Fashions,Architectural Colours, Historical reference images, Old colour cards,Fashion magazines, Post cards and a deal of research to bring together an image that is not simply "Pretty", but reflects as accurately as possible the time in which it was taken.

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The end results are often overwhelming for the recipient as they can bring back a flood of memories that are triggered by the life in the colour.

Creating wonderful Family Memory Photos is an absolute honour and a true passion as so much can then be kept and shared for prosperity.

Peter Vasic

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