Full Figure Colourising - Single Person
Full Figure Colourising - Single Person

Full Figure Colourising - Single Person

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Full Figure Colourising with National Dress - Single Person - simple background.

You receive:

  1.  1 x 600 DPI Download file
  2.  1 x A4   (8.3" x 11.7") Giclee quality Photo Print ready for framing
  3.  1 x A5   (5.8" x 5.3") Giclee Quality Print ready for Framing


The Full Figure colourization will allow you to see your loved one, relative, friend or portrait sitter as they saw themselves in real life: in full colour.

This offer is for a digital file and an A4 Size Photo Print: 

You will be required to send a scanned image of your portrait recipient at a minimum 600 DPI ( Dots per Inch) Resolution.

I will also require further information from you to ensure we can produce the best result for your photo.

  • Nationality or Region they came from
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Clothing colours (if known)
  • National Dress - I will require reference information for their colours.


This is for a Single Person only - Group Photos are subject to alternative quotation

Provision is made for simple background image - no highly detailed backgrounds in this offer - it does not include national dress.

  • If you require a quotation with National Dress please contact me to discuss your requirements. 
  • If Your image has a highly detailed background please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Multiple photo discount applies; Please contact me for a quotation based on multiple photos: